Thursday, September 16, 2010

While We Were On Vacation,

I mostly read/ate/slept/and hung out.  The beach was pretty but there was a lot of sea weed in the water and on the beach, and since it was lonesome with out David, I hung out at the pool-which was very nice.

As the holiday weekend approached the beach cleaners were out early in the mornings and removed all of the seaweed. I shared the beach with these little sand pipers one morning.
When we were in Perdido, David fished and I would hang out under a tent.  He was always close by and I much prefer this, but with all the seaweed in the water, fishing from the beach was impossible.
The pier is a quarter mile long.  I walked it only twice. Late in the afternoon.  No way would I be out there in the heat...I don't see how David stood it.  We could see the pier from our balcony and windows.  I could even see David with binoculars and I could see him on the pier web

This sculpture is in the atrium on the ground floor, we were 15 stories up, I made the mistake of looking down at it from our floor...I didn't do that again.  I'm scared of heights, but I eventually got used to being up that high.
Bought this at an antique mall...
I'm a fool for a lonely, chippy and rickety chair.  But there would have been no way to get it home, we didn't have room in the car.
This purse was at the flea market, it seems that two little girls have been sneaking out of the house while their daddy and I are at work and doing a little free lance work...I'm going to talk to them about it.
I bought this round bottom bottle because I love the color and it looks like sea glass. I can't really be sure that it is sea glass, but it is frosted inside and out.  From what I have read, these bottles were made in the late 1800s early 1900s.  I can just imagine this bottle being thrown overboard and washing up on the beach 100 years later, where it turned up in a flea market outside of Navarre...I bought it for $3.50. Oh and the peaches and pickled asparagus came from the flea market too.
There was a lot of stuff there..but it was soooo hot, I could not fully appreciate all of it.

And for those of you, who like me came of age in the 70s I leave you with this picture of 8 track tapes.  Did any of you ever stick a piece of paper under the tape to keep it from dragging?


Oklahoma Granny said...

Oh, girlie! I'm so with you on the height thing. I used to work on the 13th floor of a building and I was in a bay area. Huge windows in that bay! I had to sit with my back to them or else feel sick all day, every day. That cracker tin is wonderful and so is the green bottle.

DollZandThingZ said...

Love your photos! I have that cracker tin and use it. It really keeps crackers crisp. The Chi handbag is just amazing! I would have been very tempted to buy it!

Grayquill said...

Sounds like almost perfect. good times.

Grayquill said...

I never did the paper thing, unless of course I have just forgotten. :)
David is a die hard! But I get it. It's in the fishing not the catching and it is where one see's God good work without man messing it up. And of course there is the thing about no demands and no long list of undone things. Its all good. I think I need to go fishing.

Debra said...

I love vacations at the beach, but I'm not too much into the fishing thing!

Those 8 track tapes bring back a lot of memories!

Vintage Christine said...

What flea market outside Navarre? The ones I've been to have been in Gulf Breeze (yuck) and Mobile (double yuck) so if this one is good you've got to tell me where it is! I'm sure you've noticed that stuff down here is MUCH more expensive than over in our state, but then again there's more stuff, too. Plus the antique malls always have several booths with 50% off sales. I love that bottle--what are you going to do with it? So glad the weekend is over here at the beach--it was WILD--now all the partiers have returned to the real world and I get some peace and quiet!