Sunday, March 20, 2011


Apparently I need to apologize to everyone in the world, no everyone in the entire universe, because according to David I have kept you all awake with my snoring.

So all of my friends on this continent and across the oceans, I apologize.
I really don't want to have one of those 2 night sleep studies done, and I'm hoping that since my husband is a Respiratory Therapist, and he is going to borrow an oxygen saturation monitor and check to see if I stop breathing, maybe just maybe my doctor will write me a prescription for a CPAP machine. 
Or maybe one of my friends is going to let me borrow one.
Or maybe another friend will bootleg me one for another little while, but I will have to buy the tubing which is $167.00!! (The machine is $600.00+)
I think that my deductable is paid, but I will still have to pay the 80%.
Why am I quibbling about this, when all of yawl and my husband can't sleep?
So until I get this all worked out, could you all just put some cotton in your ears?


DollZandThingZ said...

No apology needed! I couldn't hear you over the loud snoring in THIS house!!

Annette said...

I tell Brent snoring is payback. He asks what for and I say whatever!

DUTA said...

Apology accepted:).

It's hard to believe that nowadays, snoring could still be an issue, as there are both conventional and alternative methods to completely get rid of the matter.

Anyway, the illustration is very cute!

Vintage Christine said...

Dad was on a CPAP machine for YEARS--when he got sick and lost a bunch of weight he also stopped snoring. Angel, I haven't heard you but that could have something to do with the fact that, in this house, humans AND dogs snore like nobody's business! BTW, I tried those nose things and the only thing that happened was I got a rash from it!

Lady Di Tn said...

Prince's snoring is a comfort to me at night because I know he is still breathing. Also, when I lay on my back, I will awake myself with my own musical notes. If you live in the SOUTH with all our nice blooms and do not snore, we should be a little supicous of you. BTW frames cost more than what you paid for the artwork. Peace

shirea mills said...

Angel, your husband is correct. I heard you snoring all the way up here in Western Kentucky. I have enough trouble getting enough sleep, so would you please get the darn CPAP machine already?

Kidding aside, I am thrilled to run across you here on Blogger. Must say, you are a good-looking woman.

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