Monday, May 2, 2011

Puppy (Dog) Therapy

This therapy is good for anything that ails you...insomnia, anxiety, name it. 
First of all gather your dogs, I have four...which as far as I'm concerned is the ideal number, however utilize how many ever you have.
The ideal weight of the dogs is from 2 to 10 pounds, which again is the weight of my dogs.
Make yourself comfortable in your bed, lie on your back with your head up on at least 3 pillows.  Place a neck roll under your neck.  Allow enough room between the top of your head and the head board for one dog.  This is where I place the smallest dog--the 2 pounder.  The closer she is to the top of my head the better I feel, so she is usually sort of draped around the top of my head without actually being on top of it.  This is very therapeutic, especially when she puts her nose close to my ear so that I can hear/feel her breathing.
Next, tuck another dog as close under your right side as you can without smothering them, repeat with another dog on the left side.

Lastly place the largest dog either on your chest with her head tucked under your chin (this works best when anxiety is at the worst) or on your lap.

Pull covers up to your chin.  The best choice for covers is an old soft ugly blanket.
Lastly place each arm on either side of the dogs at your side tucking them securely under your arms.
Now breathe in and out slowly and feel the unconditional love.


DollZandThingZ said...

I am smiling! You are SO right. I only have one but Hank weighs 4 pounds so he is just the right size! You know, I thought you had three...when did you get #4? How did I miss that? I love your dogs!!! Hug them for me!

AngelMc said...

Helen I have four. I got Fontana and Ann-Margaret (brother and sister) sometime last year they will be a year old this month. said...

Nothing like dogs to make you feel loved and appreciated.

AudraBark1 said...

I miss my 2 chihuahuas and Italian greyhound. They were all so cuddly. Now I have two medium sized dogs. One, a chow-corgi mix, refuses to get on the bed and the other, a pointer type, will only cuddle if it's really cold. They're very lovable but don't like to cuddle.

Debra said...

Don't have any dogs but I am sure thinking a lot about them recently. I really love the weimariners(sp?)

I hear they are kind of a crazy dog. Of course. Would I be drawn to any other kind? lol!