Sunday, June 12, 2011

Victoria's Secret Finally Found Me

Yep that's right, they have been looking for me for about 16 years...let me explain.
I am a big girl.  Okay?  And apparently prior to my arrival in David's life he had never dated or even been around any big girls.  Our daughter is slim, his sisters are slim, his mother was slim and on and on.
On our first Christmas after we married we were all shopping in the mall.  Our daughter made her way into the Victoria's Secret store.  I went elsewhere. However, David  followed her in and began to look around.  He went up to one of the clerks and inquired about buying me some sexy lingerie.  The clerk asked him what size bra I wore...and he told her.  She laughed and told him that they didn't sell that size in there.  He slunk out -- embarrassed.
I have been a bit peeved with them ever since.
I mean she didn't have to laugh at him.  He was being sweet and apparently he didn't realize just how big a girl I am.
Now for some odd reason, they have found me and are sending me catalogs. What the heck?  I have never ordered from them. (See above--they don't have my size)  I have moved 3 times since then.  How the heck did they find me?  Why are they sending me catalogs?  I'm still a big girl, however I am on a diet and have lost 16.6 pounds.  Do they think that I will be a prospective customer?  Are they trying to make amends?  I still can't wear any of their stuff...they don't have purses in the catalog do they?  That's about the only thing that I could order.
Needless to say, I toss the catalog and never look inside.
And they are trying to sabotage this post!! I have tried to post pictures from their website twice and both times I was knocked off the Internet.
So there will be no VS pictures, I will post this picture of the puppies instead. 

So there VS!! Take that!!!

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DollZandThingZ said...

I would rather see the puppies anyway!

Congratulations on the weight loss!!!