Friday, December 30, 2011

It's Not Christmas Unless The Ambulance Comes

Me/daughter/DIL each had a glass of white in our hand when the ambulance got there.
1: Bottle of white wine

1: seizure—BIL
1: ambulance
7: wild monkeys
8: (semi) adults
1: tree with lights only (it fell earlier in the week and we never put the ornaments back on)
3: dozen+ presents
1: ham-spiral cut
6: side dishes
1: lava lamp dropped and broken (well almost—it still doesn’t work right)

1: car stuck in the front yard that David had to pull out with the tractor—(this happened before BIL had the seizure thank goodness)
1: air mattress (thank you Kay)
9: time I went to bed (mellow) and left everybody up arguing with the wild monkeys about the sleeping arrangements.
2: couch sleepers
3: air mattress sleepers
2: with mama/daddy sleepers
2: time I got up and 3 of the wild monkeys were up eating a ham sandwich
3: time BIL was caught outside sneaking a cigarette
So you see it makes sense what I told someone you don’t have to be tipsy to enjoy a "Rattle" Christmas, but it helps.


DollZandThingZ said...

Goodness! Quite a hoilday wrap-up there!

May you have a peaceful New Year's Eve and a very happy new year! xx said...

Well if that was your Christmas celebration, ya'll must have some kind of New Years party! LOL!

AngelMc said...

I know, I know.....