Sunday, October 20, 2013

I Don't Just Read A Book

I live with it, I devour it, I wake up wondering what the character is doing that day. 
I eat with it, I go to the bathroom with it.  I have even been known to bathe with it.  I go to bed reading it and on weekends I wake up with it and read it. 
I sleep with it in the bed with me, and most of the time the dogs chew on it.
When I am through with a book, it is rarely fit to even give away, let alone resell on Amazon or give to the library.
Case in point.  This is the last book I read.

Notice the edges of the pages are chewed, ripped and torn. The cover is a mess and one of the picture pages in the middle is missing.
If I had taken a picture of the inside you would find various stains---coffee, mustard, mayonnaise, potato chip grease and the DNA of almost every meal I have eaten.
Poor Jackie, I suspect she would be horrified.
I picked up the book at the Salvation Army for a quarter.  And it was a pretty good read although I did tire of Jackie at times and would leave her sitting on my nightstand for days at a time until I started wondering what she was up to.....
The book is around 400 pages and it took me about a month to read, mainly because I kept putting it down and also I am a very slow reader.  The reason I am a slow reader is because as I said earlier I devour the book, I read and re-read paragraphs to make sure that I have digested what the book is telling me.  It has occurred to me that I read as if I'm going to take a test the next day on the particular chapter I'm reading.  I have tried to break myself of the habit of reading and re-reading paragraphs, but I can't seem to be able to do this.
One member of my book club sits down and reads whatever book we choose in one sitting.  That's right, she sits down and reads the book in 3 or 4 hours.  (Unless of course it is like the Steven King book 1963 and is over 600 pages.)
My devouring of books has gotten me in trouble.  On one occasion I borrowed a book from a neighbor who was NOT a reader, but had just bought the book because she liked the cover.  (Really that's what she said, she thought it would look good laying around in her bedroom.)  Soooo, I took it to the beach and devoured it.  It was a good read--about the world of modeling.  And when I gave it back to her she blew me out.  I had ruined her book.  I mean really when she let me borrow it, she acted like she didn't even want it back.....and the cover was still in pretty fair condition.....and she wasn't going to read therefore why was she so upset about the sand inside and the food stains on the pages.  I'm sure the author would much rather have me read it rather than her just look at it...


DollZandThingZ said...

I am a fast reader but I still am able to mangle a lot of books! I admire the way you re-read the are an author's dream because you really DO devour a book and savor the words. And yes, I read while eating, too...:-)

Lady Di Tn said...

I too am not a fast reader nor do I wish to be. I have always gone for quality instead of quanity. However, I do not devour them nor does my lab. And I have never ever bought a book to look good in a room. Funny to think someone does that. I use to read to LEARN now I prefer Historical romantic novels because it does not require any EFFORT. Also, if you become bored with it you can put it down and never regret not picking it up again. Just me. Peace