Monday, June 19, 2017

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My daughter, her two children, 3 dogs and grandmother have moved in with us for a brief period. -That's right, my husband's ex-mother-in-law is living with us.  But that is not what this post is about.  I have noticed some trends for those of this household that have my husband's DNA. (That's him above.)
In fact I was lying in the bed last night prior to going to sleep and tabulating these things in my mind. 
Again they are in random order.
They are all delicate sleepers...their sleep is precious to them.  And if you wake them up you better have a darn good reason or you will regret it.
They do not respect your sleep like they expect you to respect theirs.  They think nothing of waking you up to ask you if you ate the last Little Debbie cake.  (Duh David--when it was just me and you, you know I ate it--you are just trying to make a point.) My daughter woke me up at 7AM on Sunday vacuuming.  Vacuuming!  She would have killed me for this.  My granddaughter and grandson are the exact same way.
They don't walk--they stomp.  They walk like baby elephants...and it seems even louder in the morning.
They can't stand phony people.  They can't abide "nice nasty" people.
They can't stand egotistical people.
If they tell you they are hungry--you better feed them immediately.  They get nasty when they are hungry.
They love animals.  Especially dogs.
They love sports.
They are extremely private.  Almost to the point of paranoia.  They would be great CIA agents.  Seriously.  I have never in my life seen people so secretive about "their business."
They are great dancers.
They have superb rhythm, I swear they have little metronomes in their heads.  David is a drummer and I'm always on edge at any performance, because I know he hears every missed beat.  So does my daughter--she was drum major in high school and college.
They have sensitive feet.  Just like a dog they don't want you to even look at their feet, much less touch them.  My daughter would not be caught dead without polish on her toes.  In fact she had surgery on her ankle and would not rest until I had repainted her toe nails immediately post op.
Even though they are blue eyed and blonde they do not sun burn.  I swear, I don't get this.  I'm brown eyed and my hair is dark and I have to be very careful.
They can't get in a car and go anywhere without a drink in the console.  My husband drives 3 miles to work--never ever without a cup of coffee.  That goes for all of them them--I swear it's like packing with a baby.  Everybody takes a drink with them.
They never ever ever ever go barefooted.  Never.  Never.  Not even stepping out of the shower.  They step directly in to their house shoes.
Sigh....more later

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