Monday, April 27, 2009

How will we see Him?

I'm the Infection Control Nurse at a small rural hospital, so over the weekend I read about the Swine Flu with dread. Even at our small hospital we have been preparing for this kind of thing for quite a while now. In fact we just met with our regional health department epidemiology nurses just this past week to begin working out our hospital plans for having our own closed point of dispensing from the National Strategic Stockpile.
I always put on my makeup and watch CNN Headline News. And of course this morning the news was all about the Swine Flu and the death of Pontiac/Hummer/Saturn.
I am always a very optimistic person. I run worse case scenario in my mind, but I always believe that things are going to turn out for the best.
However all this bad news did not put me in the best frame of mind on a Monday morning.
The first thing I did when I got to work was to begin ramping up for the possibility of an epidemic--I just can't say the word pandemic. I'm trying to get appropriate and correct information out to all the employees, especially those that work in the ED, without inducing panic.
Anyway, that's not really what this blog is about today. I said all that to say this: We live in an amazing age of information. This morning, I knew exactly how many cases of Swine Flu were in the US and in what states. I also knew what other countries were having cases and how many.
By this afternoon I had an update email from the CDC concerning the cases. In the 60s and early 70s we watched the Vietnam War unfold on the nightly news. Now we watch the war in Iraq unfold almost as it happens.
Now I'm going to segueway into the Second Coming of Christ. What?
I was born on a Friday and was probably in church the very next Sunday. I'm from a long line of Southern Baptists. My uncle was a Southern Baptist preacher and I was probably around 8 or 9 when he preached about the Second Coming of Christ. I remember he preached about how "every eye will see Him." Revelations 1:7. As a child I thought about that a lot. Would we literally see Him with our physical eyes? Our would we see Him with our spiritual eyes?
I decided that it would be with our spiritual eyes, because how could He be seen on both sides of the globe?
But now I know, we will literally see Him with our physical eyes. No sooner than He comes through the stratosphere, the satellites will pick Him up and He will be on CNN, Fox and all the other news channels. We will get emails, twitters and the smart phones will have His picture on them. Honestly, do you know anybody who doesn't have a cellphone? I don't even know anybody who doesn't have a computer. I have a friend that spent time in Haiti while he was in the military. Even in the poorest villages, they had one television set, hooked up to a satellite dish which would be outside, where the villagers would gather and watch CNN.
So this is what has been rattling around in my head today.....Jesus, the age of immediate information, swine flu, the economy, Pontiac, but mostly Jesus coming back.


Unknown said...

That was very enlightening! LOL I dont have a cell phone tho! My high school buddies can not believe it!!! They said i am not a hot chick up w/ the times if i dont have one. I told them, well i better get one huh? And now to hear i am gunna miss out on the second come? Hummm!
PS i can not watch a movie twice either!!
Many Hugs,

Keetha said...

I love this post.

Vintage Christine said...

Hopefully when Christ returns we'll finally realize we don't need cell phones and computers and satellite tv, etc. etc. etc., and find the greatest pleasure in listening to his Word.

Sheryl Parsons said...

Interesting thoughts! We are blessed to know it will happen some day. :-)Sheryl