Sunday, October 11, 2009

Kinda Chilly In Here

CiCi and GinGin:  Mommy do you know that it is 64 degrees in the house?
Me:  Yes and what's your point?
CiCi and GinGin:   We are cold.
Me:  Well, I forgot to call and order gas Friday.  And we have to tough it out.
CiCi and GinGin:  Why?
Me:  Because if we use all the gas then I can't take a bath, and they have to come and check the lines and it's an extra $35.00.  Plus I'll never find them on a Sunday.
CiCi and GinGin:  But we are cold.
Me:  You have fur coats.

CiCi and GinGin:  What's your point?


Vintage Christine said...

"Just put on yer mink stole and tough it out, human!" says Poonie. "And SHE is asking if you want some of this freaking record heat and humidity from down here!"

white o'morn cottage said...

Just all huddle together like penguins! Great pics...Pam

Kudzu said...

lol........but Monday is a holiday; will they be open???
puppy likes the white fuzzy blankie on my bed and she likes to snuggle down deep because no matter the weather, I keep a fan going in my room. Hot Flashes?? dunno,maybe!


DollZandThingZ said...

It will be 29 here tonight! Hank likes to sleep with us--of course. He also has a fuzzy blanket!

DollZandThingZ said...


I don't have your e-mail address any more and it doesn't appear on your blog posts. If you have mine e-mail!


Your little puppies look sooo cute...time to cuddle up with them so everyone stays warm.
It's too early for snow and glad it's gone...however "they" are saying it could snow again...
Deb :)