Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This Post Is Not For The Faint of Heart

Instead of going to church Sunday like I asked him to, David worked on the deck.  (The devil got a hold on me and I didn't go either)  And around lunch time David felt something in his eye.  He was using the saw without safety glasses.  Which of course is a no no. I tried and tried but could not see anything in his eye.  But he could hold it open.  And he couldn't stand the light in it.  I tried to wash it out.  But he couldn't hold it open.  And he couldn't stand more than 5 drops of water to go in it. Titty Baby.  Honestly.
I finally convinced him to go to the ED so they could anesthesize his eye with drops, use that colored paper to see if he had a corneal abrasion and also see if they could get whatever he thought was in there out.
I drove him to the ED and they did just that.  They couldn't find any foreign body in his eye, but he did have a few small corneal abrasions.  Then the doctor told me to wash his eye out.  I was going to do it the old fashioned way with a bottle of saline and a basin to catch the water.  Lesa the ED nurse said no....let's do it this way.  She put this thing that looked like a big contact in his eye, hooked it up to a bag of IV Normal Saline and flushed his eye out.
Since he eye was deadened he didn't show out like he did with me.  He said that it felt soothing.  But boy did it look freaky.  I told him that he looked like something out of one the Saw movies.  Here is a picture..

They put medicine in his eye, patched it and gave him a prescription for eye ointment.  He is doing fine.


Unknown said...

OMWORD!!!!!!!!!!!!! I would duck tape a set of safety glasses to his head!!!!!!!!!! I told my hub i hope to never catch him w/ out a mask or glasses, cause if i have to be the one to wipe his *beep* because he gets laid up in bed i was going to use sandpaper and not double 00 either, coarse paper!! I hope to live a long life w/ my hub healthy. They always have to play Superman! Hope your hub heals well w/o complications!! WOW!!!!!!!!

DollZandThingZ said...

So glad that he is doing okay. Honestly, why do men not put on safety glasses? Whey do they go outdoors without coats when it is bad weather? Why do they do unsafe things that defy logic? Luckily for him you are a nurse and and talked him into getting treatment.

Vintage Christine said...

You being a nurse is probably the main reason he agreed to go to the ED (is that the new abbreviation for ER???). If that happened to MY husband, he'd probably just slap a piece of his sacred duct tape over his eye and keep on going. He's not Superman, though--tomorrow he's having surgery on his shoulder, so please think happy thoughts for him.

DUTA said...

All's well that ends well!

(It's good to keep in the house eye drops for cases like this, sold over the counter).

Keetha said...

Good grief! So glad that story has a happy ending!

Decadent Housewife said...

Oh my. It looks awful but he seems to be smiling.

Camellia said...

Thank you for posting that picture. It's priceless.