Sunday, December 13, 2009


This is a whine free zone, so any of the things that I post that sound whiney are not...I'm simply stating facts.  Here is what has been going on in my life. Monday through Sunday
Beg and pleade for David to go and get the Christmas decorations.  (They are in the attic of our previous home that is now rented)
He does this and the garage is full of boxes of Christmas stuff.
The garage is also full of hunting gear.
The garage is also full of stuff he used to mount a deer for a friend.
Said deer is in a chair in the dining room..drying and awaiting finish work.
I take the 4-wheeler out and gather pine branches and some other dried  branches and vines to decorate the front porch.
I do this, but I can't find the spot lights. Wal-Mart in Winona does not have any. 
Drive to next largest town 20 miles away--that Wal Mart also does not have any..Good ole True Value does though and I buy two.  Put them to highlight doors and porch.  Looks nice. 
Buy green spray paint and paint the ferns that are in ceramic pots on the front porch, place dried branches etc in them, along with silk poinsettias...this also looks good--until straight line winds blow them over..plan B...straighten them up and replace with more pine branches later on this week.
Arm starts to hurt...cellulitis in elbow from venipuncture? tendonitis in elbow?  bursitis in shoulder from driving the 4-wheeler? or all of the above.
Plan on real Christmas tree this it at Christmas tree farm probably...looking at messy house, can't decorate inside until cleaned up.  Laundry piled to the ceiling.  Arm is hurting worse.
Arm is almost unbearable now.  Understand why people with chronic pain are not nice people.  Elbow is hot-get started on antibiotics.  Have big monthly meeting and get throught it...but arm is hurting so bad, unable to think straight.
House getting dirtier and dirtier...too tired to clean when get home...much less decorate inside...the outside looks good though.......
Friday--took off work to try to rest my arm, which is hurting from my elbow to my neck...and am beyond miserable.  Besides my house looks like somebody picked it up, shook it and put it back down.  And next Saturday is the hospital Christmas party here!!! Got to get started.
Take my time and get the house cleaned up, ice my arm and alternate with heat to my arm.......maybe a little better.
Saturday--Nursing Home party for my uncle and retirement party for one of the physicians David and I have worked with for years.  We are greeters...I am very good at this...I know a lot of people and I am a friendly person and I like seeing people and meeting new people. Arm a little better..can at least get it comfortable so that I can sleep.
Sunday--to church...we are going to a little country church now and I love it....David and I ride the 4-wheeler all over looking for a tree--no dice.  Buy one at a Christmas tree farm...paid a little more than I intended but we left feeling very good about it because the young man said business had been very slow.   Camera missing.  Can't find cellphone either.
The wild monkeys grand children came over and helped decorate the tree and only broke 2 ornaments.
So it is official--Christmas can now come to our house--the tree is up, the snow babies are out, the tiny Nativity Scene is placed, and the Santas are on the mantel...but the house is a wreck!! Oh well I'll clean it up again tomorrow.
Oh and my arm is better.  I'll post pictures soon as I find my camera.


Jennifer said...

you crack me up - you "whine free" like I do!!!! Jennifer

DUTA said...

I greatly enjoyed reading your post about the pre-Christmas "troubles", except for the pain in the arm which is no laughing matter.

'All's well that ends well" - and as you say, Christmas can come and your arm is better.