Saturday, December 5, 2009

Things I Bought At The Auction

I love the first Satuday of the month.  I had a choice--go to the annual Christmas parade and see my friends on the hospital float or go to the auction.  Duh...I can see my friends everyday and I can go to the warehouse and look at the float.
So I got up early (for me) today on a Saturday, showered and dressed in my best auction clothes, extra layers because there is very little heat in the auction house, stopped by Micky Dees for a sausage/biscuit and large black coffee.

Next I go in the auction house, get my lucky number (22), mark my chair, speak to all my friends and puruse the merchandise.  The first thing that I see is this gorgeous vase.  I don't act like I want it,  I don't even pick it up or touch it.  I figure by now the people there know me and know that I collect/love vintage glassware, in fact I love most glassware.  They are always asking me if I'm a collector.  So that said, I'm afraid they will start bidding against me.  Judy (my auction buddy) and I sit in the back, which has it's advantages--people don't know we are bidding.   I know that this vase is coming home with me.
Judy's son, Chance, helps with the auction, and since I'm getting ancy,  I (stealthly) point this out to him and he brings it up front for bidding.  I wait till the bidding drops to $2.50 and I jump in.  Somebody bids $5.00, but it goes home with me for $7.50.  When I get it in my hands I realize that it is handblown glass!!!  The bottom has the place where it was cut off from the blowing thing and the flutes are not all exact, it is a lovely shade of green.  It looks great in the kitchen and I plan on putting Christmas ornaments in it.  This picture doesn't do it is quite large.

This is the next thing that came home with me.  An ice bucket without the top, but it has bubbles in the glass and the coolest deer etched on it.  It is big, tall and heavy.  Mine for $2.50.

This is one of two pictures of state birds and flowers I bought.  I didn't realize until after I bought them that one is the Magnolia and Mockingbird of Mississippi.  They are very cool and look like vintage pages out of a book.  They are also framed nicely. Mine for $2.50 each!!  They are now hanging in my bathroom.
Then...Judy and I were talking and I wasn't paying much attention when this beauty came up for bid.

I had not seen it when I looked over the stuff......and I thougth $#^+ that looks like Monax!!!  If you don't know anything about Monax depression glass google it.  Nobody but me wanted it.........mine for $2.50!!!  And the funny thing is, all those dealers there, with their stores didn't recognize it!!  I don't really know my depression glass, but this is only the second piece I have ever seen. It is American Sweetheart Monax which was produced between 1930-1936. I don't think Monax has been reproduced, it is very beautiful and as you can see is translucent.
I think that I made some great purchases....and I had a wonderful time.
Until next time..........


Kudzu said...

Lucky! a good day for all :D

Vintage Christine said...

OK, that REALLY does it! The Monax plate is so gorgeous--is it a saucer or a bread & butter plate? I have several pieces of Monax "American Sweetheart" that I've picked up here and there and it really is the prettiest of all the Monax. All your acquisitions are great!!! And your blog is toooo cute, sweetie.

The Blog of Bee said...

I can't believe these prices! The items are fabulous and I am in love with the glassware.

You are obviously a seasoned auction goer and have an eye for an exquisite piece.


Annette said...

There's nothing better than a good auction. We do the same thing here. Stop for coffee and a biscuit and then usually have lunch at the auction. I can stay all day. Love the people...they are kindred souls.

Jennifer said...

I looovvveeee auctions - can I come next time? Thanks for stopping by my blog! Jennifer