Saturday, January 30, 2010

These Things Make Me Happy



These Little Golden Books are from my childhood.  They are hung in the master bathroom (I know they are framed cheesily in Wal Mart frames......but hey) and I love them.  I grew up to be a nurse and even though David is a city boy, he is a country boy wannabee and is never happier than when he is on his tractor.
This some kind of shoe thing that was in the attic of my family's log house ever since I can remember.  It has followed me around for years, with no particular use except to just be.  Then when we built our new house, I decided that I would repurpose it for this.....I love it, but I wonder what my ggggranddaddy would think......
David found this old Chlorox bottle at an old house place where he hunts, the silver plate tray came from an auction.  The Chlorox bottle hold hand soap and the tray organizes some of my stuff.

These puppies playing on my bed make me very happy....this is the only picture of them playing that wasn't so blurry you could tell what they are.
This picture of Elvis is one I gave David for his birthday and used to be in his shop.  It now resides in our closet.  He is propped up behind clothes and stuff.  He makes me smile when I open the closet and see him hiding there.
I had these cabinets built with glass so that I could enjoy looking at my dishes that I collect....Fire King cookware and those old fleur de lis dishes that came in either detergent or when you bought gas......I only now realized as I'm posting that you can't see them from the glare.....sorry, but you get the idea.
And last, but certainly not least, my beloved David taking a post hunting, post prandial mid-day nap.  I plan to post more pictures of Things That Make Me Happy later.


DollZandThingZ said...

A wonderful list!

(What great idea to put those books in it! I like the way that you are mixing old with new. I have exactly the same cupboards as you---glass doors and same cupboard to the right. Slightly different style but light wood.)

Affi'enia said...

I love the idea of having Elvis looking at me in a morning when I open the wardrobe :o)

Vintage Christine said...

I guess you've been so busy with life itself that we haven't heard much from you, and you haven't been visiting me, either. I always love to read your posts about what makes you happy--of course I KNEW you'd include the girls and David, but there are so many other things, as well. Please stop by and say hello! Chris