Sunday, January 3, 2010

Things I Bought At The Auction II

I told you I would share the other things that I bought at the auction.  At the end of the auction the auctioneer called for us to bring up things that we would pay $5.00 for.  And then he asked who brought it up, you raised your hand and your bid started at $5.00.  I got this vintage Monopoly game for $5.00, the tag on it states that it dates from 1951, it has the wooden pieces, money cards etc.  As far as I can tell it is all intact.  Some are selling on  eBay for around $15.00.  I wanted to start a little business selling some of my stuff on eBay, but I never have and David said a big no to this---so I guess I'll keep it.

I also bought this other vintage game. "Cootie"  The tag on it says that it dates from 1941 and the pieces are there...except one of the cootie eyes...but it may be in the bottom of the box.  I'll have to give it a better look.  The bidding started at $5.00 and somebody kept bidding against me and ran it up to $9.00.  I didn't care I wanted it...and it came home with me!!

This one of the plates I bought, it too was $5.00 ( with the stand included), it has a gorgeous thick gold rim.  I bought two others for $5.00 each, one has an etched magnolia and the other has flowers too.  Things ran a little high, normally I would have expected to pay $2.50 for each of them...but it's okay.  I wanted them!!

Let me know what you all think.  Did I do good?


Unknown said...

You did great! I have a weakness for pottery. I love glass as well!!!!Now i am just aching to go to a yardsale!!!!!!!!!!!

Kudzu said...

i LOVE old toys :D of course i think you done good!

Lucy said...

Good finds! Too bad that isn't real money!

Vintage Christine said...

Oh my, just seeing that Cootie game takes me back to my wee childhood. I LOVED Cootie, and had I been at that auction (which I'm going to get to one of these days) I would have bought it for sure! If you want to sell it, let me know. Hope you are doing well--if we're this cold down here, can only imagine how cold it is up there!!! Chris

linda t said...

I've had fun reading through your blog! And I happen to have that very same Monopoly board and box set.
I love going to auctions when we are back visiting in WI. You got some great deals.
I'll be back for sure!