Friday, March 19, 2010

CiCi And GinGin and Pizza

CiCi And GinGin:  Mommy, when are our neices and nephews coming back?
Me:  I don't know,  #5 will probably be here tonight.  Why?
Well, they are kinda fun, but they also tire us out.
What do you mean?
Well they like to play and #5 loves to chase us around the house, and #4 just plain loves us, but you know we need our space.
Yeah, we are used to having the house and you and Daddy all to ourselves.
But there is one good thing.
They drop crumbs and stuff.
Yeah, did you (GinGin) enjoy that pizza that you grabbed out of #7's hand?
Yes, but I would have enjoyed it more if you and Daddy hadn't been hollering at me and poking at me under the bed with that broom.
What about you grabbing that corn dog that #6 dropped out in the yard?
Yeah...but yawl all ganged up on me, cornered me and managed to wrestle it out of my mouth....I never even got a bite.
The pizza was enough.  Yawl aren't supposed to eat people food.
What do you mean people food?
You are only supposed to eat what Daddy and I put in your puppy bowl.
Again, what do you mean by people food?  Don't you call us puppy girls?
It's hard to explain, your puppy girl tummies are more delicate that us big people's tummies.
Is that why #4 tells everybody that you are gassy?  What does that mean?


Grayquill said...

Does hubby know he is Daddy to animals? Yikes! :)
I think I just read an episode of V.
Sorry, that was kinda mean :)

DollZandThingZ said...

Too funny! (Gassy?!)
Fortunately for us, Hank doesn't like people food. But, my daughter's Chihuahua boys are like your girls, They are crumb vacuums!

Affi'enia said...

hehehe. Love it