Tuesday, March 30, 2010

You know things "Rattle Around In My Head"  and since I haven't been able to post much lately, here are a few things that have been rattleing and I need to get out.

Once David and I went to an Elvis impersonator's competition (I know I know) held at a casino on the Mississippi side of Helena Arkansas.  We got off the elevator, took a left and walked a mile down a narrow hall, took another left, walked another mile to our room.  I looked at David and said, "this is a good place to hide from the mob."  From then on I have thought about hideouts. I was thinking about that the other day when I was snoozing in the recliner in my uncle's nursing home room.  It's at the end of a long hall...


David's idea of putting up his clothes.  I swear there are 4 or 5 layers here.  Starting with his Sunday clothes, pajama pants, jeans, shirts etc.  I left them here just to see if he would ever put them up, of course he didn't until I mentioned it, then he piled them in the closet. Sigh


I got stuck in our ex-neighbor's yard.  David had to pull me out and we made quite a mess that we had to fix.  I took my car to the car wash the next day because it was covered in mud.  Now I love the car wash, I love to sit in there with the radio turned up and watch the soap and water on the windows. ( I know--I have no life and I'm shallow.) So I pulled up, put my money in, turned on the radio all excited about the "show" and ready to enjoy myself.  And guess what was on the radio?? One of my all time favorite songs--Hamilton, Joe Frank and Reynold's song "Don't Pull Your Love Out."  One of them is a Mississippi boy--Joe Frank or Hamilton..oh well I can't remember.  But it's the simple things...


I bought this knock off bag out of the back of a Lincoln.  I couldn't help myself, in my never ending quest for the perfect purse--it's red, large, had a lot of hardware, the imitation leather is very good--it's very soft and supple..I love it.  Then the guilt set in, because it's a knock off.  I apologized to the purse gods and promised I wouldn't do it again.  Until yesterday....she came back and there was this gorgeous black patent one...but I promise never ever again.
Conversation with myself and the dogs after I got home from work today--got home let them out...CiCi came back...but where is GinGin?
Me:  GinGin!!!  Ginger Marie!!!  Puppy Dog--Mommy wants you go come inside!!! Puppy Tweet!!!
Where is she?  CiCi where is your sister?
Me:  Looking for the key to the 4-wheeler, can't find it...(going to ride around looking for her) calling David on the phone...where is the key??? Gosh where is my baby girl??? What if something has happened to her?  Where is she?  Where is that durn key?  Why won't David answer the phone?
Open the back door and see garbage sack torn open and then...
Me:  "GinGin give me that chicken bone!!! (as she runs in the back door and under the bed never dropping the chicken bone)
Sigh--puppy children...she was in the garage the whole time.......oh and I guess the bone is still under the bed...


DollZandThingZ said...

You are far from shallow--your have a rich interior life filled with humorous observations.

I had never really thought of a nursing home as a hideout but you have a real point there.

I thought your car wash sopa suds were a cookie with icing which shows you where my brain is at. (I was thinking of having dessert soon.)

There IS no perfect purse. I have a closet full of handbags to prove it. Kathy Zeeland bags at Marshall's prices--irresistible.

Hug those cute little dogs for me and Happy Easter!

Beach House 27 said...

That was funny - just what I needed tonite -

I thought you were going to say "we walked a mile down a hallway turned the corner and ran into Elvis" -


Annette said...

You crack me up. Happy Easter! And that is one great looking red purse...with all the hardware.

Vintage Christine said...

Hey, if you don't buy the knockoff purse someone else will and then you might feel good about it until you see someone ELSE with the purse and then you'll feel awful. So what's the point of passing it up, hmmmm? Loved all your ruminations on ordinary things--you write so well. Sorry it's taking me so long to leave comments but it's been busy busy busy here in SoMS (southern Mississippi, y'all).

Unknown said...

HA! I hang my clothes the same way. There can be a hanger 2 feet away and I'll still drape my bowling shirt nicely over the exercise bike handle bars. Why do men do that? HA! See ladies.. we're a mystery even to ourselves! LOL!

Debra said...

Oh my! LOL! We DO have much in common.

Clothes Hangers: I promise you my husband has a chair in our bedroom that looks just like the one you posted!

Car Washes: I thought I was the ONLY person in the world that loved to do this!!!Only I'm usually listening to blues gospel.

Purses: Confession, while visiting Chinatown in NYC I bought a designer purse for my granddaughter from a guy selling it out of a black garbage bag on the street. I'm pretty sure it wasn't a knockoff...so what did that make me? Crazy? An accomplice?

Listen what happens in Chinatown...stays in Chinatown. LOL!