Monday, January 2, 2012

Electronic Murder

I have spent the day killing my electronics.
As you all will remember I killed my laptop several months ago.
Today I really really needed to balance my check book and pay bills.  This is done easier if I can print my bank statements from online...but when I tried to print, I killed the printer.  Now it was at least 6 years old, which is probably over a hundred in electronic years. 

I tinkered with it a little bit, but soon gave up. And of course it had the last laugh because I had just bought 2 new ink cartridges........sigh.
While I was trying to resuscitate the printer, I bumped the air card...and yep, I killed it too. And it was a gentle bump and despite an hour on the phone with AT&T tech support I was unable to resuscitate it either.

(Thank you AT&T tech support, yawl are always so kind and patient and helpful)
So I went to the local AT&T  store and bought a new air card that yipppeeee is 4G and is faster that my old one.  I also bought a new Canon printer at Wally World for $63.10 that will scan, print, calculate if the wind is from the east/west/south/north and notify me if the dogs tee tee in either of the back bedrooms.
Oh and did I tell yawl that I killed my iPhone a few months ago and had to wait till the iPhone 4s came out and then get on the waiting list?  Yep, I have a new iPhone 4s, only had to wait 3 weeks before they sent it.....which is like 8 weeks in iPhone withdrawal......
Oh and did I tell yawl that David lost his phone in the woods last Friday night?  And....we found it today?  It was a miracle...but that is another story.
I'm thinking that when I go back to work tomorrow, I better stay away from the defibrillators....hmmm....

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Sketching with Dogs said...

Anything that comes with an electric cord had better stay away from me, I am hopeless. Our coffee maker died over Christmas, I wanted to throttle it. Our internet keeps going off-line when you most need it.
I hate technology, don't you?
Hugs, Lynne x