Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Gauntlet Hose Has Been Thrown Down

Do yawl remember this post?

Since I am a southern girl, and I have spent quite a few hard earned bucks to plant those rose bushes on either side of the drive way and I anticipated the current heat wave, I bought a long hose, splitter and two short hoses and two sprinklers to water said flower beds.

Indignant Husband asked why did I buy that when we already had all of the above.  He expected me to find said hoses/splitters/sprinklers etc. drag them to the front of the house and hook them up etc. 

Not.  These were designated for said flower beds.  Now there.

Soooo on coming home one day this week, I find that he had procured MY said hoses/splitter etc and moved them to the other side of the house to water HIS grass.  Hmmm.

No argument.

I simply went back to Wally World and bought another set.

More Indignant Husband said why did you buy another....when all you need to do is....go get the ones you just bought and drag them over?

Now let's get this straight I'm not dragging said hoses etc all over the yard.  I'm not. 

So let's see now we have hoses for days.

Yesterday morning, I get up and he's watering HIS grass with MY said hoses/splitter/sprinkers!!!!
So he has basically procured two sets of MY hoses/splitter/sprinklers!!!

I asked him (nicely) to be sure and water MY roses.  And yesterday when I arrived home after querying him and 2 wild monkeys...they all said the same thing that yes he did indeed water MY roses. 

HOWEVER, he did not put the said hoses/splitter/sprinklers back.

So now my question for you dear readers, should I go back to Wally World and buy another set?

I don't want to tick him off, but I do want to make a point and I think he has thrown down the Hose/Gauntlet.


DollZandThingZ said...

If you can afford it, get another set! Only you would come up with these dilemmas!!) said...

If I had to buy 5oo more hoses I would!!!!I swear you can't give them an inch! LOL!

Sketching with Dogs said...

Yes, I think you should if it will help.
Lynne x

Lady Di Tn said...

I think he should be served some Angel justice or in my world it is called Kitty Justice. I would go out and move my hoses then put a note on the Frig in Big letters "Do Not move the hoses from my roses or ELSE." If you go get another set, he is just gonna lift them too. Peace

Grayquill said...

What do you value most? My neighbor advised me once, it is better to be right with her than to be right. I think that advice can go both directions. Manipulation never seems to end well for me. Maybe dead roses are better than a power fight or maybe hauling hoses across the yard is better. So many choices....Good luck.