Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It All Started With The Wild Monkey Dance Recital

It all started Saturday morning.  #6 WM (Wild Monkey) was having her dance recital in Tupelo.
We decided to take WMs #s 4 and 5 with us to see her.
This is a conversation on the way:
PapPaw:  #4 give #5 your pillow
#4:  No
Give him your pillow
Give him your pillow.
#4 to #5:  Fine here, but I sleep with that pillow and I slobber on it.
But of course she eventually got it back...after all it was her pillow.
After we got to Tupelo WMs #6 and 7 were taking a I wanted to go shopping.  I bought a new shirt and wanted to go to Hobby Lobby (I love HB)  but PapPaw was getting ticked because he was hungry...which is how we wound up at Chili's.
Now just let me say that I am a teetotaler.  And I was raised Southern Baptist. My mother hated alcohol. Hated it. I never had even a sip of it until I was in college. After David and I married, I never ever drank anything, probably went for 15+ years without drinking anything.   It was sort of a conviction I had...but the coast did something to me...'cause I had a few Margaritas down there..and let's just say that at Chili's, I had this:
And it was goooood.
We left Chili's and I was, quite frankly, high as a Georgia pine, or tight as a tick.  I was happy and feeling no pain or no dread for a 4 hour dance recital...until we pulled into the venue.  A church.  Uh oh.
I have done a lot of things in my wild younger days, but I have never gone to church tight.  As I was walking in and pondering the situation I realized that it was a former church building (stained windows still there) that had been turned into a performance hall.  Whew.  I'm really trying to live a good life..I am.  But I'm human.
I enjoyed the recital immensely and the Margarita really helped sitting through a thousand little girls dancing...really the Mamas should all get their money body was in sync...nobody.
#6 looked cute in her Big Bird costume.

Oh and of course a dance recital in Tupelo Mississippi would not be complete without Elvis.
All that to say, do you think that my punishment for imbibing was the reason the sink in my office fell off the wall Monday morning and water shot to the ceiling in a fountain that flooded my office... getting my PC, monitor, keyboard files etc. etc. wet?  Causing the carpet to be pulled up...and moving me out of the office for as yet unknown amount of time?  And several other things that happened Monday?
And I won't even go in to Tuesday....but today was better....
Was it worth it?  Gosh that Margarita was good....


Sketching with Dogs said...

Wild Monkey - could there be a better name for kids, LOL!
I love Hobby Lobby (we call it Hobby Craft here) I could spend days in there.
Haha, you are lucky the church steeple didn't fall off onto you (just kidding):)
Lynne x

DollZandThingZ said...

YOU are hilarious!!

Lady Di Tn said...

Lol how cute was that. I can see you wide eyed when you thought it was a real Church. I think I would have had to had more than one to go the distance at the dance recital and with monkeys in the car to and from. I think it was just "LIFE AND OLD PIPES" on a MONDAY!!!!! PEACE