Sunday, December 16, 2012

Second Chances

I"m so thankful that there are always second chances in life.
I have no birth children.  But because of God's restoration, I have two children I got in my second marriage.
I first married when I was twenty eight. My husband had a four year old daughter.  She was with us on every weekend.  I was immature and jealous of her.  I felt like I was her mother's weekend babysitter.  Her mother didn't work, but I did and I resented spending my every other weekend off "baby sitting."  My husband and I never had a weekend off together to do things.  I tried to talk him into us having her some during the week and every other weekend, but that was a no-go.
So many other things made her and I resent each other.   We didn't really bond until she was about seven years old.
That said, I took her everywhere.  Everywhere but God's house.
A few months after we were married  my husband informed me "if you get pregnant, it  will be your baby, I won't help you."  He didn't want any more children.  That was the beginning of many selfish things he put me through.
I had to have a hysterectomy at age thirty eight and a few weeks later we were separated and then a few months later we were divorced.
I was devastated. No husband. No children and no hope of ever having any.
I prayer for God to restore me.
Then I prayed for God to restore me and find me a good husband.
Then I prayed for God to restore me, find me a good husband that had children.
God put David and me together.  He was raising two teenagers..alone.
Me + David + two children  = 7 seven grandchildren!!!
I did it in reverse, I got the teenagers first and the babies second.
What a blessing.
Second chances.
I'm trying not to mess this one up.
I take them to God's house.
Thank you Heavenly Father for second chances.
Six of seven of my wild monkeys..  :->

2 comments: said...

Well, you have some cute wild monkeys. The Lord is good about giving us second chances, if we just ask....

Vintage Christine said...

They are precious. God loves us in so many ways.