Friday, December 28, 2012

The Reason I Bought My 8 Year Old Granddaughter A Razor

All my friends were bought your 8 year old gdaughter a razor for Christmas!!!!  Let me explain and then you decide for all started about 2 months ago.
#4: Nonna, can I shave my legs?
Me:  Aren't you a little young for that?
#4:  Hallie is shaving her legs.
Me:  What I don't know won't hurt me.
#4: Okay.
Me: Remember, if you Mama finds out you are on your own.
#4:  Okay.
Of course she can't hold water and she told her Mama.  And that conversation went something like this.
Daughter:  Did you tell #4 she could shave her legs?
Me:  No, not really, I didn't tell her she could shave her legs, I told her she was on her own.
Daughter:  But you let her shave them.
Me:  No not really....I told her she was kinda young to be shaving her legs.
Daughter:  I told her not to do it anymore...and if her Daddy finds out...and don't let her blah blah blah....
Me:  What I don't know won't hurt me..besides have you looked at her legs?  They are pretty hairy for an 8 year old..and little girls don't wear tights anymore.
To myself:  She was beyond excited about it..."feel my legs Nonna they are as soft as a baby's butt."  I went way way up on my Nonna points.  (The more Nonna points you have the longer you stay out of the Nursing Home.)
Me: What do you want me to get you for Christmas?
#4:  A razor and shaving cream.
Me: Okay, but you are on your own if you get in trouble.
Christmas Eve....
#4 opens up a gift to find a colorful zippered bag that holds a pink wet/dry shaver/shaving cream/lotion.  She is delighted.

Daughter glares at me....guest says you got #4 a razor!!!
Me to everybody within earshot:  Well let me explain, it's called pay back for the time daughter knocked the front end of my car out of line...the time when she was 16 and she asked could she have the check book to go and buy her an Easter outfit...and dumb me thought she would buy something sweet for Easter..imagine my surprise/horror when she comes prancing out of her Sunday School room into the church wearing tight black crop pants and high heels....Easter outfit indeed...I could have killed her.  And I won't even tell you about the time the College Dean called David at work........
Now see what i mean about payback?


Sketching with Dogs said...

That is so funny - kids ask for the darndest things but never heard of a razor before. They grow up so quickly these days.
Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!
Lynne x said...

That is what grandma's are for-fun and letting them do whatever they want-but not being responsible. LOL.

laurel said...

Lol. My mom got my 8 year old daughter a razor. She pointed out to me that her legs were particularly hairy ( worse than mine ever were.) And kids were commenting. But i think i did start saving without her permission years ago.... but i was 13 and she wouldn't give me permission!