Thursday, August 22, 2013

Where Have You Been AngelMc

Blogger:  So what's the deal?  Where have you been?
Me:  Nowhere really.  Just here at the house, or at work.
What have you been doing?
Oh just the usual...working, cleaning the house.  Swimming in the RNP...
What is an RNP?
Red Neck Pool.  You know they kind they sell at WalMart..
Did you get the eight hundred dollar one?
No, the 300 dollar one...but it's with the gkids, get a tan...that kind of thing.
Oh, why no posts?
Oh, just don't get on here much.
Do you get on Facebook very much?  Or Pinterest?
Thought so, you've been cheating on me haven't you?
I want it stopped immediately....I want at least one post a week...
Well I do miss everybody...and my head is kinda filling up with stuff I need to get out.
Okay..good...think something up and have it one here within 48 hours.
Any pictures you want to put on here in the meantime?
Uhhh let me check my 'bout this picture of #4 and Rosie?
Yeah that's sweet.
I know, I love to take pictures of #4 when she is sleeping...
I don't know she looks so beautiful and sweet...and that is Rosie's favorite place to sleep...under her chin.  Want to see a cute video?
Yeah sure.
Okay..I sent this to her Mama.
Do you think you will get in trouble for alluding to underage alcohol consumption?
Surely not...everybody knows that I am Southern Baptist from birth...we don't drink, but we do joke about it. Sigh...
More Later

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That is the most adorable photo of your granddaughter and the dog! I am addicted to Pinterest too! For some reason my blog is not updating in everyones sidebar.