Tuesday, January 1, 2013

How I Came To Own 7 Dogs

I don't want a dog...I'm really not a dog person.
And I certainly don't want a dog in the house.
And I most certainly don't want a yapping Chihuahua.
Okay were going to get the dog.
His name is Presley, but he can't get on the furniture and he has to sleep in his own bed in the living room.
It's too cold for him to sleep in the living room, he can sleep in his bed in our bedroom.
It's too cold for him to sleep in the bedroom, he'll have to sleep in the bed with us.
He's too little to sleep anywhere but next to me under my arm.
Hand me the dog, he can't jump up here on the bed by himself.
I'll buy him doggy steps so he can get up on the bed whenever he wants.
Why won't he use the doggy steps?  Why do I always have to reach down and get him?
Bring me the dog, you know I can't sleep without him.
Please make him come here and get in the bed with me, he knows I can't sleep without him.
Don't sit there on that part of the couch, that's Presley's place.
My heart is broken, I miss Presley so much.
Of course we are getting another dog...I'm a dog person.  I can't live without a dog.
Her name is Priscilla Loretta.
Priscilla is lonesome during the day, she needs a companion.
Her name is Ginger Marie.
It's amazing how they immediately learned to use the doggy steps and they sleep on my head.
I love it when they sleep on my head.  It's so comforting.
I need a puppy.
Well they were brother and sister and had never been separated.
Their names are Ann Margaret and Fontana Nicholas.
They learned how to use the doggy steps and they sleep on my lap.
I love it when they sleep on my lap.
I need another puppy.
Well two were brother and sister and the other one was born 2 days later and they have never been apart and when I went to get one they were all in the same puppy bed together and I really was just going to get the two girls but the little boy was going to be left by himself and he is so cute and Avery was with me and she was so excited and I just couldn't leave him there by himself.
Their names are Lindi Bell, Rosie Doll and Sumner Hess.
They learned how to use the doggy steps and sleep on my neck, my legs and under my arm.
I'm a dog person.


Sketching with Dogs said...

I love the story of how you came to be owned by your dogs, LOL!
A very Happy New Year to you all.
Lynne x

Lady Di Tn said...

This is a great post Mz Dog Person. I am not a cat person but Moe adopted me. I am a dog person too. LOL Peace

Vintage Christine said...

What a great story! I would love to have a few more dogs and cats but husband keeps saying, "we can't go anywhere now as it is!" Your babies are just DARLING!!!!!

Grayquill said...

Your scaring me!!!
AND!!! You have a problem! No that's wrong...you seven problems not to mention the hairballs that might be getting into your ears and nose.
All that said, your post was awesome!