Monday, March 9, 2009


I do not have pretty legs. My mama had pretty shapely legs--but I didn't get 'em. Mine are more like stove pipes.
I really don't know what started me thinking about legs--and Aunt ZeeZee's legs (name changed of course), maybe it is the approach of summer......But anyway I was thinking about Aunt ZeeZee's legs....they were big and kind of loose, you know kind of floppy. (Mine are not floppy--just big) And they kind of jiggled all over when she walked. In fact they almost had a life of their own and kept jiggling for a few seconds even after she stopped walking.
Also they were covered in varicose veins...imagine a road map of rural area....big varicose veins and a plethora of little tiny spider veins. Makes me think of Carroll County.
And she never ever shaved her legs. Never. I could elaborate here but I won't.
How was I so familiar with Aunt ZeeZee's legs.......are your ready for this? Because she wore shorts. Not Daisey Dukes, but not pedal pushers either. Shorts that fell about 6 inches above her knees.......oh those knees.......
What on earth was she thinking? I never ever saw my mother (with her pretty legs) in shorts.
As I was thinking about this (remember--things rattle around in my head), it occurred me that after the initial shock of seeing those legs in shorts, I just accepted it. That's the way you did with Aunt ZeeZee, you just accepted what she did and said.
She was quite intelligent--a teacher, a genealogist, creative and somehow now when I think of her, I think of Eudora Welty (sorry Eudora-I never saw your legs). That 1940's southern womaness thing.
I could write pages and pages about her. But I just had to tell you about her that said, I only wear shorts around the house and if you come to the door unannounced when I have on shorts--you won't get in.


DollZandThingZ said...

And that is precisely why I have closet full of Capri length pants! My legs are okay but I have never worn shorts in public since I was a teenager and I wear baggy knee length shorts at home. My mother did wear shorts but not out of the house. Guess that shorts in public after a certain age are just not for some of us!

Queenly Things said...

I love to wear shorts but I'm just shameless that way. I figure at my age nobody's paying much attention anyway.