Monday, March 23, 2009

Nature's Angels

The reason I have not been blogging more is not because things aren't rattling around in my head, but because I have been too busy reading other people's blogs...namely the ones to the right. From One Pretty Thing, I stumbled upon a friend of mine who has the most wonderful blog..the link is here which is her website for her porcelain and the link to the blog is on the left. I love reading about the goings on at the farm, the dogs, (she loves her dogs just like I love mine) her photography and of course the porcelain. I have quite a few of her pieces and plan on acquiring more, especially now that I can order them through her website.
I think my favorite is the Magnolia (of course). I have the ornament and the brooch. This is a picture of my collection, sorry for the quality--but I just took it the camera in my phone.

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