Sunday, March 1, 2009

I got my snow! I got my snow!

Finally, after about 4 years I got my snow. Although it only " a light dusting," I will take it. I left the outside lights on so Avery and I could watch it from our bed. Ever so often the outside motion light would come on (we don't know why it does this--'cause there is nothing moving to make it come on) and we could see the snow whirling around in the black night. We loved it. We stayed up late and watched it.
Avery woke up and was so excited. She and David went outside briefly (she was not prepared for the cold--no gloves) and she was excited. I think it is her first snow.
I'm looking out the windows now and just enjoying the beauty of it. The juxtaposition of the brown trees, the green of the pines, the blue lake and the white snow is very pretty.
I also love the sound of the wind whistling around the back of the house. And the wind coming off the lake is cold!!
The blogs that I read of my friends up north and out west are talking about Spring, and how they can't wait for it to warm up. Me, I want it to stay cold for just a little while longer.
Where ever you are.....enjoy your day......I certainly will be enjoying this snow.

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DollZandThingZ said...

I am happy for you!

Not so happy for us. Snow storm in progress with more than a foot of snow on the way. Storm will last 24 hours. Beautiful--but dangerous.