Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Life In Cars II

This is my third car...a '79 Grand Prix SJ..... I think that I forgot to mention that my Camaro RS didn't have air conditioning!! Now I loved it so much, that it never occurred to me that not having a AC would be a problem. After all, we had never had a car with I didn't know better. Anyway after about 3 years, no AC was beginning to wear on me. I had also changed from hospital work to home health. Traveling dusty country roads in the summer in Mississippi was not much fun. So I bought this baby brand new off the show room floor in Memphis. This was really a beautiful car with a beautiful interior. It also had a 350 4 barrel V8 and it too would hustle.
Being on the road a lot, got me quite a few speeding tickets. My BFF Donna had a '78 Camero at that time and everywhere she went......she literally drove as fast as the Camero would hold the road. 100 miles an hour on twisty country roads.....and on the 4 lane forget it.
Now all that said I learned a lot from her....this is the car in which I out ran the Mississippi Highway Patrol!!!
Let me explain. I was of course speeding, and had 2 or 3 speeding tickets under my belt and my BFF had just told me how he had outrun the MHP......and well......... He clocked me at about 85 in a 55.....and it was a 2 lane road with a lot of when he caught me I didn't hesitate--I floored it and was out of sight before he could even turn around. I went down through a small town, took a turn and parked beside a garage.
I got away, except I got nervous and pulled out on a street and he caught me, he was backing up himself.....I remember he said "get out, you're going to jail."
He and the sheriff talked it over out of my earshot and probably decided that they didn't know what to do with me, so they took my license wrote me a ticket and let me go. I don't remember how much money I had to pay, but I didn't go to jail. I did have to appear before a judge and got a good sermon, which I deserved.
I have always thought that if I had just gotten out of the car, walked to some one's house and called my BFF, and then gone back and gotten my car after dark.........maybe I would have gotten away.
Crime just doesn't pay....but you know I have always thought that I could drive a getaway car.....
Now I'm in no way advocating out running the HP......and try to remember, I did this when I was in my 20's.


Vintage Christine said...

Ha ha! Outrunning the cop is hilarious! I've gotten one speeding ticket in my life, in New Orleans, FOR GOING 25mph IN A 15mph SCHOOL ZONE. Glad you didn't have to go to jail, though.

AngelMc said...

I left out some stuff, for the sake of my grandchildren. I was a speed demon. If you wanted to pass me you had to be prepared to die.

Decadent Housewife said...

Cars from the '70's just were the best!

Keetha said...

That is hysterical! What a great story. Bless your heart. Were you scared?

Kudzu said...

hehehe..hahaHAHAHAAAA...good times,good times :D you sent me down memory lane...
back in the day, when i was Just a high school girl dating a guy with a '69 chevelle SS...we drove all around harrison county and stone county on all kinds of wild adventures. sometimes you gotta go fast:D
maybe some of us on the coast remember impromptu races in front of pop's place in Lizana...i'll bet the older deputies do..
hahahaHAHA..i have this video running in my head of you finding that garage to park behind!