Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Life In Cars

These are not the actual pictures of my cars, they were googled and found on the 'net. It would take too long to go through the boxes and boxes of pictures that I have to find the actual pictures......so anyway...This is a 1969 VW Bug. My very first car. I got this car after I graduated from Nursing School in May of '75. I had Driver's ED in High School and knew how to drive, but I had never gotten my license. So after I bought this car, I took my driver's test within the next few days. Parallel parking was a breeze!! I had learned how to drive a manual shift on my Mama's car which was a '62 BelAir. This little car served me well, and after I took and passed boards, I began looking for a new car. When I bought my next car, my Mama picked up the payments which I think were $80.00 a month and drove it for many many years afterwards.

I was happy with my VW Bug until I saw this baby sitting on the lot and I had to have her. I think she was somewhere around 5K. I bought her in February of 76, right after I heard from boards. 350 4 barrel V8, now I know that is not a whole lot of muscle, but enough for me. I thought that I was the bomb in this car. I would ride through town and look at myself in the glass windows. I could never get enough of the thought of me, a little poor country girl in this sporty hot car. This car always turned heads. And I drove it wide open. In fact one time I was passing everything on the highway when a "off duty MHP" (or so he said) pulled me over--he had a blue light on his dash. I can't remember if he showed me any credentials but he proceeded to chew me out and told me that if he wasn't in a hurry, he would radio for a back up MHP to come and give me a ticket for speeding, reckless driving etc. etc. His back was turned to the highway and I held my breath as I saw a MHP heading toward us. But he never saw the highway patrolman, and I have wondered why the MHP didn't stop to see what was going on. Looking back, the guy was probably somebody jerking me around. I remember he asked me how old I was---I think he was looking at my license too--and I said 19. He said "well Miss Jacks you and your little Camaro aren't going to live to be 21 if you keep driving like this." But I did.
More of my life in cars tomorrow.

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