Sunday, June 28, 2009

Random Things To Tell You About This Weekend

We kept Gkids #s 4 and 5 Friday night and most of Saturday...they are a handful.
I watched their Mama play tennis Friday night. Her game started around 9PM and it was still hot as blue blazes. The players were drenched in sweat. She and her partner lost their game. Amber is pretty good. She played on her Junior College tennis team. But she played on a hurt ankle, despite warnings not to do so.
When I got home the Gkids had worked David's nerves--but he would never ever admit it.
David and the Gkids went to watch her play Saturday. It was too hot and they only stayed a little while. They lost those games too I think.
I did a major house cleaning Saturday. But I can bet by Tuesday you won't even know it. Why is that? Along with the heat you get major dust and dirt.
I waited till around nine thirty Saturday night to straighten up the garage. I had bought a giant storage box to coral all the shoes and boots that are scattered everywhere, plus I wanted to sweep it out and straighten it up just a little. I was out there for about 5 minutes and decided that it looked just fine and could wait till fall if necessary to be cleaned up. It was like an oven in there, even at nine thirty at night!!
Today took me hours to balance check books, pay bills etc. It is always something I procrastinate about.
Now the weekend is almost over and Monday is only a few hours away.
I'll leave you with this late night conversation with #4.
This is the scene, we are in the bed, it's late, I'm very sleepy and she is wound up as usual and fighting sleep. During these times I will say almost anything to hush her up so she will go to sleep. And I have no idea where her thoughts on this came from...just out of the blue:
#4: Nonna am I going to get all your dolls when you die?
Me: Yes.
#4: When you die and go to Heaven are you going to take your night gowns with you?
Me: Yes.
#4: Are you going to take your make-up?
Me: I don't know, maybe, but I probably won't need it.
#4: Okay good, because I want the mascara.


DollZandThingZ said...

Angel, do you have a/c? And fans? We have both in every room....our tiny house gets very hot in the summer. Even in New England, the humidity can be quite high.

Funny about the mascara!

Vintage Christine said...

We are going to have a HUMONGOUS power bill next time! Our current bill was $100 more than the previous month so I think I'm going to have to take out a loan to pay the next one. And it's only June!!!

AngelMc said...

Yes our house has two central units. One for the west side of the house and one for the east side. We try not to use the west side unit, but it gets so hot over there in the afternoon that the heat transfers to the east side of the house where we spend the majority of our time. Everyroom has a ceiling fan and the one in the great room is huge and and they all run 24/7. Now that said my electric bill doubled this month.
But I just can't take the heat anymore.....I must be cool.
That's right it's only June, and we've got July/August/September to get through.
This must be hour our neighbors to the north feel about winter.