Friday, April 9, 2010

My Newest Addiction

This is my latest addiction.  "Words With Friends"  You play it on your iPhone.  If you like scrabble, or if you like word not, repeat do not download this game.  It will consume you.  You will play it any and every free minute that you have.
Unlike _22_ I have never made that many points...the most I have ever made was 68 and I was elated.  I downloaded the free version.  But the version without the ads is only $2.99.  You can play up to 20 people at a time...and the games can last for as long as you and your partner play--until one of you wins or resigns.  You can play with random partners or you can play with friends.
Oh gotta go....just got an's my turn...


DollZandThingZ said...

I am ALREADY addicted to Scrabble on Facebook. I CANNOT add this to my repertoire! At least I am not addicted to or playing Farmville like everybody else!

Vintage Christine said...

Oh lordy, I was completely addicted to Farmville on Facebook and was spending actual money and buying virtual barns and stuff until I just say ENOUGH and totally removed myself from Facebook. I'm back on but I hardly ever go. All that being said, my niece downloaded Tap Farm on my iPhone but it's pretty basic (although I think you can spend money there, too). I have Jeopardy on the phone and that's fun--I may download Scrabble and now you just might find my name popping up on "Words With Friends" he he he.