Friday, April 23, 2010

Yeah Westminster So What!!

Now I having nothing against this year's best in show:

Westminster Dog Show 2010 Results - The Westminister Dog Show 2010 Competition will include 2,500 dogs and will take 2 days to complete.  The “best in show” – the highest honor – will be awarded by 11 pm on February 16 and so far, here’s what we got.
The 2010 Best In Show Trophy was awarded to “Ch Roundtown Mercedes Of Maryscot,” a.k.a. “Sadie,” a Scottish Terrier
Breed: Scottish Terrier
Sex: Bitch
AKC: RN 08013301
Date of Birth: April 02, 2005
Breeder: Mary O’Neal & Anstamm Kennel
Sire: Ch Anstamm Like A Rock
Dam: Ch Maryscot Painted Black
Owner: Amelia Musser
Sadie is indeed a wonderful and beautiful dog, but I wonder if she is telepathic. 
That's right my dogs can read my mind.  
Let me explain.  Just now I was thinking that Priscilla and Ginger both need a little trim.  They were both rough-housing on the bed, having a grand ole time until I said Priscilla come here a minute. 
Normally when I say  that she is all over me.  But she looked me in the eye and went to the other side of the bed.  I went over to the other side of the bed to pick her up and under the bed they both went. 
They both know that I can't get to them under there.
See what I mean, they knew that I was going to get the scissors and give them a trim.


DollZandThingZ said...

I never miss the Westminster--on TV, of course. Sadie was worthy of beautiful!

Hank hates to have his feet
trimmed. Otherwise, his coat is long. He runs away when I get the box I keep his grooming supplies in. These little doggies are pretty smart.

Have a good weekend!

A Pretty Pastime said...

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and following.

I have truly enjoyed reading your blog-you definitely have a knack for writing!

I think my dogs are telepathic too! Puddin' hates getting her hair done.


Grayquill said...

I have experienced a similar moments with animals - Usually when I want to throw them out of the house.
Keep the sissors handy they have to come out to eat. :)