Saturday, January 1, 2011

This Post Has No Title

CiCi/GinGin/Ann Margaret/Fontana (CGAMF):  Mommy put some pictures on here...put some of those really cute ones of us...just put some pictures on here, heck just put something on here.
Me: goes
This what the weather looked like last night when David and I celebrated a very exciting NYE...yep Wal Mart, movie--True Grit which was quite good by the way and then an elegant meal at the Waffle House...ahh the joy of simple southern living.

A very very cute picture of Fontana taking a nap...

The 7 wild monkeys using their fingers to tell you what number they are in the line up of Gkids.  We took all of them to breakfast at McDonald's this past Sunday and I had them all line up by age at the counter to tell the lady what they wanted, except for 7, PapPaw held him and he nodded yes to a sausage and biscuit.  You should have seen all the smiles we got.

Isn't Ann Margaret cute?  She looks like a little mouse...

All my babies...Fontana has his pink cast on in this picture.

I bought this sugar cube holder at the auction last month of $2.50..I think I may put the body cream that I made in it....the recipe is here

Another auction buy..chip and dip?  Does it look like it might be mid century?\

And I bought theses gorgeous linen napkins one dozen at the auction for $2.50.  I sent them to the cleaners and they turned out divine.  I will use them at my next book club.
More stuff later..Happy New Year !!!!!


Oklahoma Granny said...

I had to laugh at your NYE description. We also went to Walmart, then home for left over spaghetti (my husband had a side of Cheetos) and watched a DVD (The Taking of Pelham 123). I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 12:20. Oops! Wishing you a wonderful 2001! said...

We had an exciting New Years watching the weather and then sitting in the hall with the fur babies and the weather radio when a tornado was headed our way- but hey at least I was celebrating New Years with the ones I love!Happy New Year to you and your adorable fur babies.

DollZandThingZ said...

So glad that you are posting photos again!

Your grands are grand..and the dogs are wonderful, too.

Once again, you have found some amazing bargains!

Quiet new year's eve here, too!

Happy New year to you and yours!

Annette said...

Sweet pics. Loved them!

Sketching with Dogs said...

Happy New Year to all of you, hope you have a terrific year!
A quartet of beautiful Chihuahuas, they are so gorgeous. How do they get on with the wild monkeys?
You always find such nice things, love that sugar cube holder.
Lynne x

The Blog of Bee said...

Happy New Year to you and yours.

I'm glad you put the pictures up and I'm envious of all the auction items!