Monday, January 3, 2011

Chicken Nugget Run

I'll tell you a little secret, okay it won't be a secret after I tell you but anyway here BFF Janice and I sometimes go on chicken nugget runs (CNR) on our lunch break.  Well, we only get 30 minutes for lunch so it has to be an extended lunch break.
It's kinda like ditching school after lunch..kinda because we do go back to work....eventually.
Here is what we do. We go to McDonald's and get the chicken nugget meal, I dump my nuggets and my fries into my sack all together.  Janice doesn't do this because she only eats one thing at a time, and we hit the road.  It's easier to eat chicken nuggets than a  burger while you are driving.  Sometimes we have someplace we want to go and sometimes we just head out.  Sometimes we eat in the cemetery and talk. 
On our last CNR we went somewhere I was curious about.  We turned down this gravel road .... then that gravel road and we saw this.

That is a bunch of junk.
Then we saw this,

which is more junk.
Then we saw this,
where suddenly the road dead ended...and we could hear "Dueling Banjos" playing in the background.  At that we turned around and "high tailed it out of there."
It was pretty surreal.
This was about 3 months ago...and I'm feeling the need for another CNR...(it gets in your blood)


JacksDad said...

Good idea. The getting out of there part I mean! :)

DollZandThingZ said...

What fun! For 20 years, my late friend and I used to have a lot of adventures. I miss that. Our naughty food of choice was chicken sandwiches from BK.

Yes! Time for another CNR! And take photos!

DUTA said...

Nuggets are more healthy food than burgers , so good choice.

As to your little driving adventure - people living near junk is not very exciting, but the discovery of it sure makes it like that.

Sketching with Dogs said...

Oh my God, that was so funny - better make sure you have a full tank of petrol next time you go there, aghhhhh!

Vintage Christine said...

Honey, you drove further than you thought--that's my NEIGHBOR's house! I love just driving for the heck of it--and one of these days I'm gonna drive up there, I swear. When do the auctions start up, hmmm?

Grayquill said...

Whew...when I heard the banjo's playing i knew that couldn't be good. CNR's and bandjos I never thought they would come together in one post. That was almost magical :-)

Jane said...

Fun story! I think an escape from work for a CNR should be a weekly event! Too bad you couldn't get closer to that looked interesting!

Anonymous said...

Is that a satellite dish on the roof? Girl there must be junk gypsies in our bloodline!