Thursday, November 1, 2012

Costa Rica Continued..

I went about planning with the team...medications.....thousands of pills and pairs of gloves....dressing materials.....sterile water....tape...pill for the kids....glasses.....Bibles....the list just goes on and on.  And as I'm writing this and looking back, I really don't see how we did it.  But then again as I write this I realize that we didn't do it...God did.
We made dozens of lists, we made labels for the medications in English and Spanish (thank you google translator) that we stuck on thousands of plastic sandwich bags, because the medicine came in 500 and 1000 count bottles, so we had to divide those medicines in groups of 10 days or a month's supply, we met and made plans, we met with a nurse who plans and implements a medical mission trip every year...she was absolutely invaluable help as none of us had ever done anything like this before.
We had a pack night, where we packed all our supplies in 15 suitcases, which of course could not weigh more than 50 pounds each.  So that meant that we could not put all the medications in one suitcase, which meant that we had to repack our gear before clinic..but more on that later.
We had to take our own towels and bath cloths as well as our clothes and personal care stuff-enough to last 8 days.  All this was placed in one suitcase that had to weigh no more than 50 pounds.
David was still dragging his feet even though we had gotten our passports and I was not sure he was going to go.  I finally told him that if he didn't go it was a deal breaker with me.  And I remember he asked me what did that mean.  And I responded, just exactly what I said, a deal breaker. 
I went on to explain to him that I had stood beside him through everything, on which I won't elaborate, and this was one thing I was asking of him.
He didn't want to give up his PTO that he used for hunting and fishing. He just didn't want to go.
My response was that it was not about him, it was about The Kingdom, and if he couldn't go for The Kingdom, then could he please go for me?
Somewhere between my pleas and God's intervention, David got on board and his help before and during the trip was just invaluable. And as you can see in the picture above, David became my Aaron.
To be continued.....

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