Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Costa Rica Continued.....

We left on a Saturday.  I took off from work three days before.  That wasn't enough.  Those days were a frenzy of packing, printing labels, putting the labels on the baggies, counting pills, putting the pills in the baggies and of course packing our personal stuff.
I wanted to have Friday to rest before we left on Saturday.  Didn't happen.
We flew out from Jackson MS to Dallas Fort Worth on a puddle jumper and from DFW to San Jose on a 757.
It had been yeeeaaarrrs since I had flown.  But I wasn't scared.  I had my Aaron with me and of course my friends and of course my Lord. 
I loved looking out the window at the clouds below and I especially loved seeing the Mississippi Delta looked like a magic green patchwork quilt. Oh and the mighty Mississippi River....
We landed in San Jose at night in the rain, so we were not able to get a good look at the amazing country until the next morning.  This was a good thing...Costa Rica is very mountainous and flying in is interesting.
It rains every day in Costa Rica. 
That night the missionaries met us at the airport, picked us up in a van and took us for an hour drive on twisty curvy mountainous roads to Tabarcia and from Tabarcia into the country side where the missionaries live.
Our pastor had been to this compound 8 times before and he had never ever ridden up or down the steep part of their driveway.  It is a 45 degree grade and that's putting it lightly.
But it was raining, cool (July is their Winter) and pitch black.  We were tired, weary and I was well---quite frankly a little ill.
Needless to say hill or no hill none of us were walking. So we shamed the preacher and we all rode down the driveway.  Straight down.  We didn't know what we had done until the next morning when it was time to travel and climb that grade out...straight up.
Franklin had to get in his four-wheel drive truck and pull the van up the driveway.  Oh and they do this every day 2 or three times a day.  That is how steep the drive way is.  The van that we rode in could pull the hill, but the red van named "Grace" did not have the power.
That night we fell into bed.  The girls upstairs in bunks.  The guys downstairs in bunks.
This cross is in the tile floor of the downstairs at the compound.
To be continued....


Grayquill said...

Sounds like a trip of a life time. Enjoy the adventure.

Vintage Christine said...

Oh! To go to Costa Rica would be amazing in itself, but to go for the Lord is even better! Looking forward to reading more--just hearing about that driveway was fun!!

Sketching with Dogs said...

What a wonderful trip, sounds like you had a great time!
Lynne x