Saturday, May 16, 2009

No Brainer

I have made a change, usually I don't allow myself to have fun on my day off unless I have made my house spotless. But no more, life is too short to be ruled by a house. So this morning, I slept late, got up and went junking. My first stop was in Carrollton to Coach's Antiques -- a wonderful place. That's it to the left--it houses Coach's stuff that he collects, and sells which is unbelievable--everything from movie posters to lunch boxes, there is even a refrigerator that he let them use in the movie "Brother Where Art Thou." He let them lease it but he wouldn't sell it to them.
The other pictures are of places in Greenwood that my brother and I junked--that's him in the Salvation Army Store perusing the 45s, which he collects. He knows his records.
I love the Salvation Army--I found David a pair of Aeropostle shorts for 50 cents, a hard back book, two pieces of yellow ware, an album of RCA Victrola records in what looks to be never played condition and a tarnished silver platter. All of this fun for the grand total of $13.38. This is my second tarnished silver platter--I have plans for them and when I get them fixed--I'll post a picture.
It came a big rain and a truck that was loaded with catfish turned over on the four lane right down from where we live. I didn't see it but David said there were dozens of people on the highway with coolers getting the catfish. Apparently the catfish were live and were flopping all over the roadside!! What a site that must have been.
So clean house or go junking? Hmmm that's a "No Brainer!"


DollZandThingZ said...

Of course, you know what my answer is! I love the photos you took!

Keetha said...

I love those milk bottles!