Friday, May 29, 2009

TGIF afternoon

I know yawl probably don't care about this, but you know things rattle around in my head and I have to tell you.
3PM--Server is down at the hospital--will not be up until who knows when, have two choices--clean up my office or go home.
Duh--No brainer--go home.
Walk in house, go straight to the washing machine/dryer--start load/dry load.
Dogs are excited to see me--yip yip yap.
Take off clothes--put on old ragged gown.
Dogs are excited--yip yip yap
Turn AC fan on continuous rather than auto because--just because.
Dogs are excited--yip yip yap--they know what is coming
Turn ceiling fan in BR on high.
Turn on TV--sound on low.
Fix pillows on bed just so-head up--but not too high, neck pillow just so.
Climb into bed--say ahhh.

Dogs are happy--sit on my chest and love me--"Mommy Mommy we love you, give us some loving!"
One furbaby lies down on left shoulder with head on chest, other furbaby lies down on right shoulder with head on chest.

Think of the days when women wore fox stoles wrapped around their necks
(How could they do that?)....only I have puppies wrapped around my neck.
Stroke puppies while they "hold" me.

Feel stress of this past week pass away with each loving stroke of that silky fur. Ahhh......zzzzzzzz.
Life is good.

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Vintage Christine said...

There's nothing like having a cuddly puppy (or two) to make a girl happy.