Sunday, July 5, 2009

Things I Bought At the Auction

I saw this bird dog print decoupaged onto distressed pine, it has all the effects of the stuff we decoupaged in the 60s/70s--you know burned edges on the print, distressed edges on the plaque. And I have this thing for bird dogs. My daddy raised and trained them. I have pictures of him and my brother with the bird dogs that he trained. It called out to me. I had to have it. Mine for $2.50.

I also had to have this picture, it too called out to me from across the room. And after I won it--low and behold it's a very very vintage and somewhat primitive original water color. And it perfectly matches the flowers in the guest bedroom. Love it--$2.50.

And this little sweet thing, was hiding inconspicuously on the floor and I saw it out of the corner of my eye. I had one of the helpers open it for me and guess what--most of all of the original stuff is in there. It is a child's Gilbert toy microscope. Eight of the chemicals are there and the instruction book which is dated 1955. Nobody wanted it--mine for $2.50!!! Should I keep it or try to resale it on eBay?

I saw this lamp on the auction's web site. I thought it would look good in the other guest bedroom. And so it does. Miss Tyler Wentworth likes it too. Mine for $5.00
These high ball glasses are the same color as my kitchen--yes my kitchen is sorta turquoise and besides they are very heavy and have gold rims. Mine for $3.00.

I have a weakness for dolls, red-headed dolls, red-headed dolls with skates. Seymour Mann doll, mine for $6.00--more than I wanted to pay, but I wasn't letting the lady bidding against me get her!

This is the first thing that I bought. It is a vintage hand-tooled leather bucket purse with the word Mexico tooled into the leather. One of the straps is broken and the other is quite worn. Should I have it fixed--or leave it as it is? When you open it up the inside flap has a mirror on it. Love it love it. Mine for $8.00.

So what do yawl think? How did I do?


Decadent Housewife said...

Wow you did really, really good. Was it because of the long weekend? Love the lamp.

Vintage Christine said...

That's cute how you took the picture of the doll on her way to her new home. You should fix the purse--I have one similar and love it--remember to saddlesoap it so it will stay supple. The microscope might do well on eBay since it's vintage, but it sure is a cutie. I'd probably hang on to it (but then I seem to hang on to EVERYTHING). Good loot!

Ashley said...

Great finds! I miss leisurely shopping for "finds" 2-year-old doesn't have a long attention span ;)

white o'morn cottage said...

What treasures! You are so lucky to be able to source such goodies! Well done...Pam

Keetha said...

How cool! I really love those high ball glasses.