Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mexican Stand Off Continued...

I'm beginning to think that I'm out of my league and that I can't compete on TLOML's level. He has kicked the stand-off up to another level all together.
Please note the picture above.
Night before last, right before I went to bed, I took a look in the sink and noted the door knocker. The conversation follows.
Me: Honey what is this in the sink?
TLOML: That's the door knocker from the house on Sterling street. I found it when I was cleaning out the shop and I thought that I would clean it up and blah blah blah, yada yada yada.
Me: Oh.
Okay, I admit it, he is good. Very very good. It has now been in the sink for three nights in a row along with the Mikidee drink. I have cleaned the kitchen at least three times since the previous blog, and each time I picked up both the drink and the door knocker, cleaned the sink and put them back.
He knows my weaknesses--namely a place for everything and everything in it's place.
But I'm standing firm I'm not putting the d@^^# cup in the garbage and the door knocker can stay in the sink until hell freezes over. I won't mention it.....today is day 6 that the cup has been in the sink.
How can he not have noticed that I have cleaned the kitchen time after time and the cup is still in the sink!!!!!! And the door knocker in the sink, is he trying to push me over the edge?
Oh and I forgot to tell you----!!! I saw one of my good hand towels in the middle of the yard yesterday...it fell off the tractor!!! Is he trying to drive me crazy?
In a much earlier post I noted that I had given up on him using the fine everyday china coffee cups and leaving them all over creation. (namely in the garage--and I find them with Penicillin growing in them) I couldn't win. I kept them hid in the bathroom for years until we moved to this new house and he found them. And besides, I wanted to have them in my new kitchen.......so I gave up. Now understand, we have dozens of mismatched cups that are in another cabinet...but will he use them???? Nooooo he uses the company china.
Okay, okay calm down. Maybe my medicine will kick in within the next few days........


Annette said...

ROTFL! again and again!

DollZandThingZ said...

Hilarious! You need to write a book! You are like a contemporary Erma Bombeck!

Kudzu said...

oh,honey....good luck. Years ago I took the same stand and there's still things laying around the home and yard. I'm not winning here!!
Medicated and Motivated