Monday, August 17, 2009

Mexican Stand Off Part Quatro.

This morning I woke up thinking about a promise I made to God. There is a little story behind it so here goes.
About 3 years ago TLOML and I were separated for 3 days literally and 3 months in the same house while we worked things out.
With the help of a great therapist, God, and willing hearts we were able to work things out. We completely reconciled on New Years Eve. During the time we were seperated I prayed fervently for God to restore us and I made Him a promise.
I promised Him if he would just bring TLOML home I would quit complaining about his underwear in the floor, never closing the drawers on his bureau, the mess under the carport etc. etc.
And this morning I woke up thinking about that promise and if I loved him more that some dumb stuff in the sink.
Well of course I do. And he probably doesn't even see it anymore (thanks Kate) and even if he is messing with my head--so what. He can win. I don't have to. I love him more than winning.


DollZandThingZ said...

All's well that ends well...that was a good ending.

How are the girls after their surgery? Love their photo as your banner!

Vintage Christine said...

On to bigger battles, I always say!!

Annette said...

Very well said!!! Babies pics are adorable, by the way.

white o'morn cottage said...

Don't sweat the little things....and most of them are little things.

I find I can find no fault anymore with my DH since he was diagnosed with cancer last May.
He seems perfect now!

Keetha said...

You are a good, good woman.

Camellia said...

OH, honey...I do love me some flylady. She's the bomb, and she says, do it for yourself. And my fav spiritual study says in a battle, whoever's saniest should (must? no? it's best? no? at any rate for peace) LEAVE THE BATTLEGROUND. Good for you.