Friday, August 7, 2009

Something That I Struggle With Is...

sarcasm, being snarky, and overall smart a$$ness. I am not a whiner, complainer or cynic. I'm an optimist and I think that I generally have a cheerful and fun personality, but I am snarky. It is one thing about me that drove my mother crazy. She used to tell me that I was just like my daddy's cousin Nellie something.
I usually can keep it in check, but sometimes impulsive smart alecky things just roll out of my mouth milliseconds after they form in my brain.
For instance, this morning, I'm at the breakfast table and I ask L., "do you eat all that fruit because you like it, or for your bowels?"
I'm half smart alecky and half sincere, because I don't like fruit. I will eat it, but I have to force myself, and I'm amazed that people actually like apples and oranges. (see yesterday's post--this could have been added)
We did go own to have a nice conversation about fruit, she craves it (I can't imagine) and doesn't feel satiated if she doesn't have a piece of fruit every morning with her breakfast. (I am in awe of her) And she is not fat like me either.

Justify Full
And another thing that drives me crazy (again this needs to be added to yesterday's post) is those sun visor cap things. I hate almost all caps, but those sun visor/golf cap things drive me wild.
My SIL wears them and puts them on #5--which I hide as soon as my SIL is not looking.
Yesterday my friends and I had lunch at the Pizza Inn. I looked over at the table next to me and this guy had one on, and it was pulled down so low over his eyes, you would have thought that we were eating outside in bright sunshine on a beach.
His girlfriend had on a cap and she too had hers pulled down over her eyes. I looked over at my friends and said..."do you think they are hiding from the mob?" Honestly, it was all I could do to restrain myself from going over there, looking up under the bill of his visor and asking him that question.
That's when it dawned on're off your medication.
Let me explain, a couple of years ago, I went through a trauma and started on Lexapro, after I got better, I tried to wean myself off........but I just couldn't get off of friends would ask me, "are you off your medicine?" It seems that Lexapro (I'm now on generic Celexa 'cause it works as well and is $4.00) smooths my rough edges, improves the filter between my brain and my mouth, which gives me a more time to do I really want to say that, (but rarely stops the snarky thoughts).
I had run out of it and kinda of procrastinated on getting it filled and after a few days, thought well....maybe I'll try to get off of it one more time.
Got it filled today...I know my friends are glad.


Pam said...

Me too! I know just what you mean. Mine is paxil, is it the same? It keeps those around me sane!

white o'Morn cottage said...

Oh, I forgot to say in response to your comment on us in the garden. the weather is a balmy 25c What's that in F?... and quite lovely. We rarely get it any higher. We get a lot of rain...that's why the grass is so green. Love Pam

Vintage Christine said...

I finally weaned myself off a nice little cocktail of Wellbutrin and Effexor about a month ago and while I do find myself with a shorter temper, I also feel much more alert. The happy pills got me through a horribly stressful job and then the ordeal with Mom, but now that life has calmed down, I felt ready to try to handle it unmedicated. So far, it's working. Also, every time I'd go to the doctor he'd say, "Hmmm, most people LOSE weight when they're taking this med combination." Grrrr.

Kudzu said... sisters! I just got off a few different nice ones, and still taking some not as great. It helps with my smart mouth, now if I could do something about rolling my eyes at people.....
Nice to meet a fellow Mississippian in blogland!