Monday, February 16, 2009

Things To Tell You

Things I'm thinking about:
Martha Stewart says she only sleeps 4 hours a night and she thinks while she sleeps---talk about multi-tasking....
I'm trying to accomplish one or two things on my "do list" per day. For instance today I did mine and my uncle's grocery shopping. And I got the ceramic cat that I have been hauling around for 3 weeks out of my car and nestled her in the pine straw outside the front door. From the road in front of the house she looks real. Just marking off one or two things makes me feel better.
We are using LPG gas (is that redundant?) as one of my friend at work says "like 40 going north", had 100 more gallons delivered today--$265.00. Natural gas in town is much much cheaper. Ah life in the country.
Made pimento and cheese for pimento and cheese sandwiches. Is this something Southern? Or do my friends up North and out West make this?
It's a mixture of shredded cheddar, cream cheese, pimento peppers and mayonnaise. We love it down here in MS.
Both dogs are going into heat. The next door neighbor's dog is not fixed. But he did get his underground shock fence fixed, now we need to get one as well. We are going to get one of those wireless ones.
I know I need to get the dogs spayed, but I just can't bear the idea of them being put to sleep. My vet tells me it needs to be done pretty soon to keep them from getting an infection. I'm going to do it this year.
I love to dip fruit in chocolate. It's about the only way I will eat it (fruit that is--certainly not chocolate). So now I'm going to go and open a can of pineapple, heat up some almond bark and........dip.

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