Sunday, February 15, 2009

Another weekend has come and gone. All the washing/drying/folding/putting up is almost all done. The house is straight and tidy. Sheets have been changed on the bed, dishes have been washed and put up, deer horns have been hung in the dining room (more on this later--I think they look kinda cool in there), more curtain rods/rings/sheers/and a bed skirt have been ordered, a box has been emptied, carpets have been vacuumed, tile floors have been mopped, wood floors have been polished, gkids and furkids have been played with and loved. Beds have been tee teed in and sheets stripped again and washed again with Nature's Miracle used on the mattress (thanks #5), carpets have been cleaned with Nature's Miracle (thanks CiCi & GinGin). Tubs and showers have been scrubbed.

The outside front of the house has been landscaped and it looks wonderful.
Now all I have to do is "enjoy the remains of the day" or weekend until tomorrow when every thing starts all over.
I was thinking that we probably have another 6 months to a year before all the t's will be crossed and i's dotted and the house will be completely "finished." And it hit me, this is almost the same as living in our old never get through
As some of you know, I love old license plates == click here
and I have a couple that I couldn't figure out what to do with them. I decided to put some self stick felt on the back of them and use them as coasters in the bedroom. Pictures above.


DollZandThingZ said...

Hmmm.....I think that deer have antlers....not horns!
That is very cool about the license plates.
I see that your fur babies have been busy creating things to keep you busy!
I know your new home is happy for you!

AngelMc said...

you know i have never thought about it, but you are so right about deer antlers--it's just local vernacular i guess, because down here we say deer horns!