Monday, February 23, 2009

This past weekend, I got up early both days and went straight to the computer and worked on the taxes. Normally I don't do anything until the house is clean and tidy. But David wouldn't let me. He made me work on the taxes and I let the house go. Since he has had surgery on his elbow, he is very limited to what he can do. But he did dust mop the floors and got up a good deal of the dog hair. But back to the taxes, I keep ledgers on our rental property and I had them up to date until September, so it could have been much worse. Nevertheless, I worked on them till around 3 Saturday and also the same time Sunday. At that time, I convinced David to allow me to take a break and we went riding in the country. You would think that since we have lived around here all our lives that there wouldn't be anything within 20 to 30 miles that we had not seen. Not so. We went south and made a circle. I was delighted at the old dilapidated houses that I saw. But I forgot my camera, so I convinced him to take the same trip Sunday and this one of the shots that I took.
These two old cars just fascinated me. I took these shots from the road. They are in a side yard. I wanted to go up to the house and ask permission to get a closer look, but I knew David would not go for that. They look like 1940s Chevys to me, but I know very little about old cars. I can't help wonder are they original to the home place? Or were they to be fixed up and then that just didn't happen?
I'll post more tomorrow.

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DollZandThingZ said...

I agree! I am fascinated, too. Great photo with lots of atmosphere to it.