Tuesday, February 24, 2009

More pictures from the road

This old house just fascinated me. Look at the contrast of colors--from the rusty red tin roof to the faded white wash. And not only was it visually appealing.....but the wind was blowing and that middle piece of tin was making a creepy screechy noise. I could have stood there for a while and just took it in, but David was being gracious by stopping and giving me a chance to take all the pictures that I wanted, so I didn't want to push my luck. My husband does his best to try to understand me. I would have loved to peak inside, but I'm not one for trespassing. Especially when it is right off the road.

This old house was less than a mile away from the previous one. And the roof was droopy on both ends, kinda making it look like an upside down boat. It was out in the middle of a field and only a little ways down the road is a mansion. And I do mean mansion, sitting back on a hill. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but the owner rode up in his rhino, and I explained what we were doing. He was nice, but I got the feeling he felt we might be up to no good. Although we never trespassed. He said he thought we might need help. His accent made me think that he is not a native Mississippian. And it was kinda strange seeing this huge house out in the middle of nowhere juxtaposed to those dilapidated houses. I complimented him on his beautiful home and he told me "yes it is a nice spread."
More pictures tomorrow.

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