Saturday, February 7, 2009

This past week

I know I know I have been away for over a week. But let me explain.
Monday: Usual as Monday's go---finally had physical therapy on my upper back. I had almost gotten to the place where I couldn't pick up my purse. I think I messed up something in there when we moved. Deep heat and massage--helped a lot.
Tuesday: More PT--feeling better, although by the end of the day-I'm miserable and grumpy from the constant low grade ache in my upper back. Makes me understand how some people with chronic pain are not nice people.
Wednesday: At hospital at 6AM with David. He had outpatient surgery on his elbow--his doctor scraped the bone--removed the spur, drained the fluid in the bursa and maybe worked on the tendons. Won't know everything until his appointment the 18th. He was in pain and of course sick at his stomach. He did really well especially for someone who has never had surgery. They couldn't intubate him again. Even with the video laryngoscope. The anesthesiologist told him that he must get a bracelet to wear. EMTs/Paramedics are going t0 think that he is intubated and he won't be. We were home by 11:30. I swear pretty soon they will have you log on to a website and give you your instructions to do your surgery yourself. You will of course have to order the instruments beforehand.
And I'm not making this up--I was on the phone to AT&T from 6:30 till 9:30 trying to get my "air card" to work. They finally decided it was a dud and I was put through to warranty and cut off 3 times. I was patient and kind. I understand that everything is a process.
Thursday: Took the day off to be with David and help him. His left arm is in a c splint type of cast. He is in a lot of pain. He says that in never gets under a 5 on a scale of 1 to 10. And sometimes it is a 10. However, he wasn't in so much pain that it prevented him from booking a hunting trip to Idaho this October. And he actually asked me if I wanted to go. (He has never let me before) I said yes and so I'm going to go to the lodge and hang out while he hunts. We will be close to Yellowstone. I'm excited. Thank you Percocet. (I think he was high on his pain medicine Percocet when he asked me to go with him.) Started washing clothes and the hot water heater started giving an error code. Seems we have run out of butane again!!! Oh my gosh--we are using this stuff like water!!!! The thermostat is going to go down to 67 and stay there.
Friday: Back to work, more PT and for the first time in weeks my upper back is not hurting. Thank you my therapist!! #4 was supposed to spend the night, but tricked me in to calling her Mama-who then came to get her. #5 had his adenoids removed, tubes put back in his ears and a PIC line inserted for IV antibiotics, which will be started when the cultures come back. He has had a tough time with his sinuses. And he is only 3 years old. Got my "air card" in and am back on line.
Today: David is some better, but still tired and sleeping a lot. He thought he could drive in to town, but found out really quick he wasn't as strong has he thought. It is beautiful outside. The temperature is somewhere in the 60's. With all the snow and ice my neighbors to the north have had, I feel guilty wishing it was 30 and snowing here........but I suppose spring is on the will save on the heating bill.

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DollZandThingZ said...

Quite a week you had! Hope next week is better!