Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More pictures from the weekend ride in the country

When we were out riding around at the ends of the earth Saturday, I saw this and my heart jumped in my chest. Yes it is a storm cellar dug into the side of a hill on the road side.
David rode by and I asked him sweetly to please go back so that I could get a picture. At first he said no and then I sweetly explained that maybe some of my friends up north and out west were not familiar with these types of storm cellars.
I spent a whole lot of time during my youth sitting in a storm cellar just like this--dug into the side of hill on the road. Just let it "come up a cloud" and here we would go to Uncle Leslie's storm cellar. We would sit for what seemed like hours on small benches that lined the sides and back. And we had to sit with our feet on boards, because it leaked and there was always water in the bottom, so that you had to step on the board and make sure that you didn't step off of those boards into the cold black water. There was at times mention of snakes......but I won't even go there.
There was a small hole in the door that Uncle Leslie could look out and keep us apprised of how the storm was progressing. Then when the storm blew over we would all go home. I remember Uncle Leslie and Aunt Ruth, Aunt Brucie and Uncle Barney--although in later years, he wouldn't come and Aunt Brucie would leave him at home and come by herself. There would be other neighbors in there, but I can't remember who they were. I remember that sometimes people would bring their dogs and Uncle Leslie would not let them bring their dogs in because "dogs attract lightening." It was some years before I realized how ridiculous this was. We eventually quit going even before we moved into our new house. I think Mama just decided if we were going to be blown away........well we were going to just be going to be blown away.

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DollZandThingZ said...

I have never seen this before and LOVE the photo. Thank you for taking it.

We have small cellars like this--not tall enough to stand in--called "root cellars." They were for storing root vegetables over the winter.

I hope you will show more photos from you area. I am really interested in seeing local photos only been to MO and that area once.