Sunday, February 1, 2009

How can two little dogs that their combined weight is less that 10 pounds shed enough hair to make another one just like them?
How did that dog hair get on top of the lamp shade?
How can two little furbabies, as the song says, make me feel so safe, so sane and so secure? And feel soooooooo loved? And like I'm the most important thing in the world?
Avery told me that there is an apple under the bed, with bites out of it and that Bryce put it under there last weekend. Hmmm.
While we were in the Mexican restaurant, Avery reported to her Mama (with a sly sideways look at me) that "Nonna is still gassy". I heard the people in the next booth snickering.
Hamburger Helper spaghetti may not be gourmet, but gosh it was quick and tasted good for supper last night.
I can actually park my car in the garage now. The other half is still full of stuff, but it is more organized & dejunked.
Need to go vacuum and tidy the house.......tomorrow is Monday......and tonight is the Super Bowl.

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DollZandThingZ said...

Your two little ones are so cute! No wonder you love them!

Congratulations of dejunking the garage!

Hilarious--what Avery said!